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Andreé Jardin

Andreé Jardin

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A century ago, Andrée Jardin’s future husband George-René Julio, started his brush making apprenticeship in Nantes,on the Erdre’s riversides.
In 1947, by then married to Andrée Jardin, he opens his own factory: this is the beginning of the adventure.

Decades after decades, the manufacture increasingly supplies the industries. From father to son, the brush factory becomes a reference in on-demand brushes.
The advent of plastic and the beginning of globalisation quickly depreciated what used to be called «Les articles de Paris » hair brushes, toilet brushes, toothbrushes, makeup brushes, cloth brushes, cleaning brushes and brooms.

It is up to such an extent that nowadays it is very difficult to find a real broom or hand brush, even more so a proper époussette.
Determined and committed to confound this sad statement, Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie, the grandsons of Andrée, resurrected the mythic brushes mounted with French beech wood;

Old fashion brushes that last forever!

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